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Game News
Hello fellow readers,

About us:

<Millenium> Al'Akir horde 10 man guild , was made 28th of March 2012 by various ex-hardcore raiders who played in top 50-300 high ranked end game guilds in previous expansions.A lot of people in this guild where retired of the game due the content being so easy or just went social for some RL reasons for even months.

Now we decided to make our retrun back to the game 'again' in the way of hardcore raiding.

Raid days & times:

Wednesday: 19:45-24:00
Thursday: 19:45-24:00
Sunday: 19:45-24:00
Monday: 19:45-24:00
Tuesday: 19:45-24:00 (this day can be cut, to give peopne rest if needed)

Friday/saturday are off-days (we can make alt/social raids)

We can eventually extend raid hours if we are about to make a kill.
And reduce the days of raiding when farming to 1 or 2 days.

Recruitment open for DS & MoP! 22-08-2012 updated!

-Shaman (restoration)

*Any other exceptional classes can be always considered* with this being said, if you are better then raiders we have (even myself) you will get the spot.

Loot rules:

Loot council, people gets loot not for theirselves in here, but for the progress and guild benefit. So basically if you want to join us WE WANT YOU! as progress material...gear will come byself.

What we are lookin for:

-We're lookin for someone who is highly competetive,while at the same time open to criticsm and suggestions.Never making mistakes but falling behind on DPS is just unecceptable as doing amazing DPS but being unable to stay alive.We're looking to recruit people that are able to adapt to new situations quickly , that will learn from their own and other player's mistakes so they're not repeated even after wiping to different things and learning other aspects of the fight.You don't have to constantly be reminded of how to use your class/cooldowns to full potential.Nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvment,you need to be able to improve every encounter,every raid and always seek for tweaks in your performance regardless of it is Hogger,Lich King or short WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR SOMEONE THAT IS HAPPY TO BE SECOND.

Expectations & Requirments:

-You must be mature and able to speak English.
-You must have good raiding attitude.
-You must be able to be on standby without causing any kind of drama and whine
-You must be able to raid with 100% raid attandance.
-You must always come prepared for every single raid.
-You must be able to speak on Ventrilo
-You must have high end raiding experience (we will look at you achivments etc before we make a decission regarding your apply).
-You need to be able to perform well in both main and off spec (if you are a class that have off spec healing/dps/tank) as some fights require various setups.

For more info! /w Any officer in game Rixta or Stevara.
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